Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventure: Waterfall Rappelling

Are you looking for a unique and thrill seeking adventure? Look no further than waterfall rappelling! Kauai has so much to offer when it comes to off the beaten path adventures, and there is no shortage of experiences for all the adrenaline junkies out there. Check out the details we have highlighted below and see if waterfall rappelling is the next adventure for you!

Stunning view of Wailua Waterfall near the island capital Lihue on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Wailua Falls is a 173 foot waterfall that feeds into the Wailua River. Beautiful rainbow visible.

Kauai Waterfall Rappelling not only lets you experience the waterfalls from a brand new perspective, but you also get to experience the beautiful, lush jungles of Kauai. Da Life Outdoors takes you through the 241 acres of the National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is closed to the general public, so the only way to see this beautiful area is with Da Life Outdoors. Their guides perform volunteer service towards the natural resource restoration for the privilege of sharing it with their guests. They also donate a portion of all ticket sales to the National Wildlife Refuge for ongoing conservation efforts. 

Once you get to the waterfall spot, it’s time for rappelling! Rappelling is a controlled descent down the rock face of the waterfall using a rope, harness and descending device. Their experts use the best quality equipment and make sure to thoroughly train every person that embarks on this adventure. After getting set up with your gear and going over the basics, the guide will lead you through a training that takes place on a hillside near the camp so you can get your bearings before experiencing the waterfall. Once everyone has mastered the skills, then it’s time to hike to the waterfalls and experience a one-of-a-kind rappelling adventure!

Amateur Man rappelling down a waterfall

The first challenge is a 30’ waterfall known as “Bamboo Falls” followed by the “Papkolea Falls” which are a tall 60’. After rappelling down these waterfalls, your tour is then followed by a snack overlooking some amazing mountain ranges. From the views to the thrilling experience, there is so much to see and do on this adventure. Also, if you have people in your group who just want to watch the action, they also offer an observer rate for those who wish not to rappel.

The cost for this 4-hour adventure is $223.83 and $86.42 for the observer rate and is available Monday through Saturday at 8:30am.During peak travel periods they may also add a 1pm time slot. Be sure to check out their website for reservations and more details on all things waterfall rappelling.

You won’t want to miss this thrilling adventure, book your stay at Hanalei Bay Resort today!


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