Stand Up Paddle Board Kauai

What’s really Sup on Kauai?! With endless sights to see and abundance of island activities, Kauai is truly the place to spend your next vacation. While you may think you’ve done it all, here at Hanalei Bay Resort we have an insider’s look at a one of a kind activity that engulfs you in The Islands History and culture, all while getting in a great workout.

Say aloha to SUP,aka, Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Where to go: 

  • Hanalei Bay: a short 15 minute drive from Resort is the Hanalei Bay and is the perfect place to give SUP a first try! You can paddle around the open bay or up the river with a paddle starting near the pier.
  • Waialua River State Park: Take a scenic 24 mile drive down the impeccable coast line to the park. The park includes picnic benches on site restrooms and a lush green trip up the River. Be mindful of sharing the river with boats. 

* Local’s insider tip: If you love to yoga on vacation and had to miss your morning class morning class, no problem! Many yogis use their paddle boards as mats while listening to waves crash on the ocean shore.


Helpful information for beginners and families:

Stand up Paddle Boarding is truly fun for all ages, you can even sit down and paddle at your leisure if you choose.

When selecting a board choose one that fits your size accordingly. Simply, if your taller height grab a taller board. Also, you’ll want to to pay attention to the width of the board . The wider it is the easier it will be to stand up on. However, the slimmer the board the faster you glide along the ocean side.

Always make sure your paddle is facing the correct way. At first (myself included) want to use the scoop end to propel forward. Using the blade end is much more effective and uses less energy when in the SUP position.

Want to vacation in SUP paradise? At Hanalei Bay Resort we make sure to feature incredible activities, award winning pools and top notch amenities. If you want to learn more about all that Kauai has to offer or how to join the Hanalei Bay Resort family, simply sign up for the email list below or book today!



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